Discord Guidelines Partial

WARNING THIS IS A PARTIAL DOCUMENT, ONLY THROWING THIS ON HERE TO SHOW WHAT WE HAD SO FAR ON THE G DOC FOR THE PURPOSES OF http://05command.wikidot.com/forum/t-16224463/discussion-discord-staff-team-needs-restructure


Team Structure:

Staff Ranks:

While the Discord Team is part of the SCP Wiki Site Staff, the team does not often deal with the SCP Wiki directly, but rather the SCP Foundation Official Server. bla bla bla

As such the SCP Wiki Site Staff rank of members of the Discord Team matters less in regards to the day to day operation of the Discord than the hierarchy of the Discord Team, excepting in regards to how policy affects Discord Team members and their Staff ranks.

ALL MEMBERS OF STAFF CAN SEE #private-server-moderation

Junior Staff:
Junior Staff are typically the newest members of SCP Wiki Staff. One becomes Junior Staff when joining an SCP Wiki Staff team (such as the Discord Team) if not already a member of SCP Wiki staff.

JS is intended to be a sort of trial basis and intended to be a sort of temporary role before becoming Operational Staff.

For more information on JS read:


While Junior Staff are able to become Server Moderators they are unable to become Server Admins until promoted to Operational Staff, due to SCP Wiki Staff policy on team captains.

Adjunct Staff:
As the SCP Foundation Official Server and the Discord Team are somewhat removed from Site Staff, it may be desirable for one or more members of the Discord Team to choose to reject promotion from Junior Staff to Operational Staff and instead accept becoming Adjunct Staff, which are free from the requirements … Junior Staff members of the Discord Team may request to become Adjunct Staff at any time following an offer of promotion to Operational Staff by the Server Admins.

Operational Staff and above members of the Discord Team who wish to become Adjunct Staff may request such at any time from a Server Admin.

It is ultimately the decision of Server Admins whether to grant this request. The decision to make a staff member Adjunct Staff is subject to review by Site Admins.

It is important to note that Adjunct Staff, like Junior Staff, are ineligible for an Internal Promotion to Server Admin.

Adjunct Staff may formally regain their former Site Staff rank at any time.

Operational Staff:
Something something reiterate that these are Staff members, link to a guide of some kind.

Mention that you CAN get promoted just being on this team but there is an expectation of being involved in general staff stuff too.

Unlike JS and AS, OS can become Server Admins.

Site Admin:
Allowed to see every channel and thread in the server.
There are exceptions to this:
- an admin will not be included in a thread regarding any poor behavior exhibited in the server (though all other admins may be included)

- an admin will not be included in a thread discussing their potential inclusion in the team, if an admin has applied to join the Discord Team. (though all other admins may be included)

Team Ranks:

Junior Moderators
Every new addition to the Discord Team, be they Junior Staff or Wiki Admin, joins the team in this position.

[idk what JMs can do permissions wise, we can just check the darn server settings and note that down that's boring idk how helpful that is]

rough: can't @everyone et al. Can't do role pings. Can't edit threads or channels. Can't modify roles(?)

(what can they do)

Server Admins:
Server Admins are the most trusted members of the Discord Team and have the most power over the server (aside from the Server Owner). They have power over every aspect of the server with the exception of adding and removing the Server Admin role or deleting the server.

In terms of the Site Staff Team Structure Server Admins replace the role of Captain. As such one or more Server Admins must handle duties typically performed by Captains such as putting up their team members for Site Promotions and handling internal disciplinary matters, as well as generally keeping the team running smoothly.

Due to their functioning as Captains there is an additional requirement to attain this rank aside from an internal election:

Server Admins may not hold the Site Staff rank of Junior Staff or below (including Adjunct Staff)

Server Owner:
While "Server Owner" is not a formal rank of the Discord Team, it is a requirement for one to exist due to how Discord functions.

The Server Owner has very little in the way of expected participation. The main function of the server owner is not disciplinary or administrative in nature but instead technical, typically performing actions on behalf of the Discord Team using powers exclusive to the Server Owner, such as adding and removing the Server Admin role as needed.

(Ask Yossi what else we might need to call upon Moose for in the future / what powers they have that we do not)

Team Changes (give better name)

Internal Promotions comprise the recruitment, promotion and demotion of members of the Discord Team. These are no restrictions on these procedures excepting that they must occur within one year of the most recent Internal Promotions.

These are separate from Site Staff policy concerning recruitment, promotion and demotion. Site Staff policy concerning these continue to apply and may supersede those policies outlined in this document.


When decided upon, a Server Admin will open an application form and post it in the Announcements channel, pinging Server News Alerts. After the closing of applications the Discord Team will discuss which of the candidates they would like to recruit. Those selected will be put up for a public user and Discord Team vote, these votes are counted separately. If they receive above the 50% threshold for both Discord Staff and user votes the recruits will gain the rank of Junior Moderator. This vote occurs at the same time as the Team Promotion vote.

As the Discord Team is part of the SCP Wiki Site Staff any non-Site Staff recruits will also receive the rank of Junior Staff for Site Staff, at which point they will be subject to typical Junior Staff on-boarding.

Recruits are ideally active and positive contributors to the server. Existing SCP Wiki Site Staff are subject to the same recruitment procedures as non-Staff.

Team Promotions:

Team Promotions are the promotions that occur within the Discord Team from the ranks Junior Moderator to Moderator and from Moderator to Server Admin.

Candidates for promotion are discussed and decided upon by all members of Discord Staff. Per Site Staff rules concerning Captaincy, candidates for Server Admin may not be Junior Staff or below (Junior Staff or Adjunct Staff).

Promotions are voted upon by both Discord Team members and users, whose votes are counted separately. A majority of 50% is required to pass by both votes for a Junior Moderator to be promoted to a Moderator. A 60% majority is required for a promotion from Moderator to Server Admin.

Every time a new group of users/staff are considered for promotion, the activity of all mods should be reviewed by participating moderators. If it is determined that one or more moderators has displayed significantly lower activity compared to average users, they should be approached to see if they still intend to participate in moderation duties. If they do not wish to continue being a moderator, they are demoted/removed from discord staff. However, if they state they wish to continue moderating, they are allowed to remain.

If it is determined that, for any given moderator, this has occurred multiple times and no long-term activity increase was noted (and there are no long-term circumstances which may be hindering their activity against their will), moderators have the option to vote to demote/remove another staff member. This discussion and vote occurs in private as to not publicly humiliate or shame any particular person.

Moderators may not be demoted to Junior Moderator. Server Admins may however be demoted to Moderator.

Site Staff Promos:
Site Staff Promo procedures are outlined here: http://05command.wikidot.com/promotions-policy

Policy, Votes and Decisions
Something something, changes made to the server, server rules, team policy. Three different ways to go about this:

If it’s something relatively simple or basic, or just confirming what we’ve already been doing, even if it hasn’t been written down, we can just ask in server-moderation. If it’s uncontroversial then we just keep on keeping on.

Server Vote

O5 Command Vote
As the Discord Team is a branch of the SCP Wiki Staff we are subject to all policy that governs the SCP Wiki Staff.

Policy and policy votes on O5 Command supersede any decisions made by consensus or policy vote.

-O5 command policy votes overturn server votes.

-Server policy or team policy derived from consensus or server vote may not run counter to any policy on O5 Command, as the O5 Command policy supersedes it.


Behavior Types
There are two broad types of behaviors which require action be taken

1. Foreground Disruptions
Bigotry, trolling, spamming, immediate harm to others, etc…

These are very obvious disruptions that are usually spotted and/or reported quickly. They also usually require more immediate action and depending on the severity may also warrant nonstandard escalation.

2. Background Disruptions

Immaturity, shitstirring, dogpiling, long term line toeing, etc. [More examples]

Less demanding of immediate action than their counterparts users who engage in these often push the envelope a little too often and may be unwilling, or unable, to change negative patterns of behavior when confronted. These disruptions have a palpably negative effect on discussion within the server, negatively affecting the "vibe".

With users who regularly engage in these there's usually more of a "straw that breaks the camel's back" moment rather than anything specific standing out. This can make background disruptors difficult to spot and difficult to come to a consensus on.

At what point should action be taken? Is such and such action disruptive enough to take action? Perhaps not quite? What level of disciplinary action should be taken for many low level infractions?

These are all questions that might be brought up when discussing potential action against a Background Disruptor, and rightly so. It is good to carefully consider before taking action, especially since these cases can be less clear cut, and typically don't have the same urgency as a foreground disruptor, allowing for a less hasty discussion and decision. It can be tempting to go easy on these users, and sometimes that works out! At times users can completely turn their behavior around after the problematic elements are brought to their attention. With these users it is typically good to start out with a soft touch, sooner rather than later and give them a chance to course correct. In many cases this sort of behavior is something the user doesn't realize is a problem until it's mentioned.

However, you can only give a user so many chances to change their behavior. They have to be both willing and able to do so. It feels bad to remove someone from the server when they're trying their best, a problematic chat member isn't necessarily a bad person, but even good people with the best of intentions can behave in a manner detrimental to those around them. Sometimes this just isn't' the community for them, and we have to recognize and enforce boundaries, up to permanently banning such users.

[possible 3: is the behavior long term and disruptive, but not immediately harmful or against the rules as written]

Standard Escalation
Every case is different, and a good moderator should alway use their best judgment when considering any disruption and its context.

That said if you're unsure about what penalty to enforce then consider these guidelines:

0. Is it disruptive?
The first thing that always needs to be determined before disciplinary action can take place is recognizing disruptive behavior in the first place. In some cases, where it is both urgent and obvious that a user is being disruptive, then one may act immediately.

In every other case the first thing to do is to bring the behavior up to other members of the Discord Team in #private-server-moderation where action can be discussed and agreed upon.

1. Does it warrant action?
Sometimes users can be disruptive, but only a little bit, and not a pattern of repeat behavior. If this is the case, it may be decided upon not to pursue action, or at least not yet.

If this is the case log it

Unsure about logging it?

Log it anyway!

There is no harm in logging. It is not a disciplinary measure, it is keeping a record, and an important one. What may seem ultimately harmful on its own may not be harmless when it is a pattern. A pattern is much easier to recognize if a record exists of the pattern. Additionally if you think something should be discussed, log it and bring it up in #private-server-moderation.

2. Is the user being a bigot, using slurs or dogwhistles?


Bigotry is not to be tolerated.

If a user has a slur or dogwhistle in their bio, if they use those in chat or espouse hateful rhetoric then the vast majority of the time this should net a perma-ban almost instantly, especially if this is one of their early messages in the server (which it often is with types like these).

Just like with any rule there may be exceptions. Sometimes users do not know a word is a slur or a dog-whistle, English may not be their primary language etc…

However, typically this is not the case. Users who do this should be met with suspicion rather than the benefit of the doubt.

3. Is the situation active?
If the situation is ongoing then it is typically best to attempt to defuse the situation before entering a prolonged discussion. In such situations, especially if it involves multiple people misbehaving, then attempt to redirect discussion, first informally, then escalating to official mod orders as needed.

Informal warns, Mutes and stop orders are the best tools to use here. Ideally these will give Discord Team members time for a more thought out response.

4. Is this the user's first offense?
If this is a user's first offense and they are not engaging in bigotry, then typically a Warn is the first action done against them. This allows the user to recognize their behavior and improve on it.

This can similarly be justified for a second offense if the user has demonstrated a willingness to change. However, warnings should not be doled out to a user ad infinitum. Two at most should typically be given to a user before utilizing other disciplinary measures.

5. Escalation
If a user has previously been warned or had other action taken against them, then it is time to escalate.

As previously stated each case is different, however, a "standard" escalation could be said to be:

1. Warn
2. Warn/Kick
3. Day long ban
4. Week long ban
5. Month long ban
6. Year long ban/permanent ban

Bypassing Standard Escelation

Standard escalation may be bypassed in cases in which a user’s behavior is more severe. These will typically be Type 1 Disruptions and include but are not limited to threatening, intimidation, inappropriate behavior, targeted pestering, etc (if it’d be enough to catch quick disc action on the wiki, it’s enough to catch quick disc action here)

Special Cases:

Wiki Staff
If a member of Wiki Staff is exhibiting behavior requiring moderator action or discussion then, as Wiki Staff are able to view the private-server-moderation channel, it is necessary to create a private thread to discuss their behavior. When that thread is created the team captains of the Wiki Staff member should be pinged within the thread.

Most Wiki Staff are not granted any power or authority over the server that a regular user does not have (excepting the power to view private-server-moderation). While for all intents and purposes a Wiki Staff member is an average user there

In cases where a complaint against a member of WIki Staff relates to their staff work rather than to their behavior as a user, then the complaint should be forwarded to their Team’s Captain and/or a member of the Disciplinary Team rather than discussed by the Discord Team.

Wiki Admins
If a member of Wiki Staff is exhibiting behavior requiring moderator action or discussion then they should be dealt with in the same way as Wiki Staff, though they should of course not be added to their own thread.

Crit Staff
Crit Staff are Wiki Staff and thus situations concerning them should be treated as laid out in the “Wiki Staff” category. However, unlike most Wiki Staff their staff work is done within the server.

Complaints regarding a member of Crit Staff’s behavior in their capacity as Crit Staff should be forwarded to the captain of Discord Crit and/or a member of the Disciplinary Team rather than discussed by Discord Staff. Complaints regarding the behavior of the captain of Discord Crit in a staff capacity should be forwarded to a member of the Disciplinary Team.

Crit Staff are of course still subject to the server’s rules, and the fact that they do staff work within the server does not exempt them from its rules.

Server Staff
If a member of the Discord Team is exhibiting inappropriate behavior within the Discord server this should be reported to a Server Admin. Server Admins will then discuss this behavior in the admin-confidential channel, which Wiki Admins are also able to see and contribute to.

Server Admins
In the event a server admin is exhibiting inappropriate behavior this should be reported to a member of the Disciplinary Team or a member of the Anti-Harassment Team. This should be done outside of the server.

In the event the situation is serious enough to warrant immediate concerns about the continued existence of the Discord server then Wiki Admins and/or the Server Owner may be consulted.

Server Owner
In the event the server owner is exhibiting inappropriate behavior this should be reported to a Server Admin, a member of the Disciplinary Team or a member of the Anti-Harassment Team.

In the event the situation is serious enough to warrant immediate concerns about the continued existence of the Discord server then Server Admins and Wiki Admins should discuss next steps.

(Make a note somewhere of what to do if someone's account is compromised/if they've lost access to their account)

The Discord automatically mirrors all bans in the AHT log of bans for equal duration.

The Discord mirrors Disciplinary bans on a case by case basis as decided by the Discord Team.

Similarly, as the Discord Team may choose to ban users for behavior exhibited outside of the Discord they may similarly decide to mirror bans by other parties.


On the flip side there are situations where a Discord Team member may choose to make the Disciplinary Team or Anti-Harassment Team aware of circumstances around a user (i.e. ineligible for wiki membership, sockpuppeting, bigotry etc). In such a circumstance, if able, the Discord Team should attempt to provide Disc or AHT with the user's Wikidot account information.

Server Initiatives:

(Begin collapsible)
An important message about power dynamics

It is important to note that an initiative being in the server does not mean that the initiative is controlled by the Discord Team.

While every member of the Discord server is subject to the rules of the server and potential disciplinary measures by the Discord Team this does not mean that the Discord Team has authority to control these active initiatives in any way.

This is not to say that Discord Team members shouldn't engage in these initiatives, however it is important that this is done in the same way as a server member or Wiki Staff member might. Discord Team members must not use their mod powers to in any way attempt to influence server initiatives.

Withholding the use of mod powers may also unduly influence these initiatives. These initiatives rely on the Discord Team to function, because we have power over the server they do not. It can thus be easy to unintentionally and unknowingly become a frustrating obstacle, rather than a helpful resource.

So long as requests by initiative members are related to their initiative and/or the channels where those initiatives take place these requests should be done in as timely a manner as possible, and should not require a discussion amongst the Discord Team.

Any discussion by Discord Team regarding these requests should never be about whether or not to fulfill this request but instead about how best to fulfill this request. If such a discussion is necessary it must always involve members of that initiative, and the goal should always be to implement a solution that the initiative is happy with, if an alternate one is necessary.

Miscommunication: As mentioned, at times Discord Team may act as an obstacle to initiatives without even realizing. If members of the Discord Team are interfering with an initiative unduly, then the members of that initiative should feel free to mention this to those Discord Team members directly, or to a Server Admin, and hopefully that should clear things up!

( end collapsible)

Crit Spaces (better name?)

Talk about the goal of this space.

Talk about Discord Crit team.

Talk about Discord Team's involvement with this space

Reading Club:

Reading Club is a … which uses the "Sloth's Pit" category. It is hosted by users with the role "Reading Club Host" role who use the "Gamma" stage to read and discuss SCP Wiki articles along with listeners.

These typically occur weekly and there are currently three distinct Reading Clubs which operate in different timezones: US, EU and Oceanic

The sessions are currently recorded and posted to Spotify.

While the Reading Club is largely self-organized, it is a net positive to the server and the Discord Team should do its utmost to facilitate it.

Ways in which the Discord Team might help to facilitate the Reading Club is:

-Role management ("Reading Club Host", "Reading Club Ping")

-Pinging "Reading Club Ping" for announcements (Moderators and Server Admins, typically done to announce the start of the club)

-Channel management (Server Admins "Sloth's Pit" category)

-Moderation duties

What is it?

Who runs it?

How does Discord Staff facilitate it?


Who can announce?
Announcements are made in the #announcements Discord channel. They are made typically made by Moderators or Server Admins, as those roles have the ability to ping roles, however Junior Moderators are also able to use the #announcements channel and may announce in cases that do not require a role ping.

What to announce?
The following should always be announced.

-SCP Wiki contests. (Announcement of contest, announcement of voting period, announcement of results, changes to the contest)

-SCP-INT Wiki contests. (Announcement of contest, announcement of voting period, announcement of results, changes to the contest)

-Wanderer's Library contests. (Announcement of contest, announcement of voting period, announcement of results, changes to the contest)

-Major changes to the Discord server. (new channel, new thread to redirect certain topics, rules change)

-New editions of the SCP Wiki Site News.

- Discord Team recruitment.

-SCP Wiki annual survey.

-SCP Wiki major site changes.

-SCP Wiki community votes.

We have, however, in the past made announcements that fit into none of these categories.

Junior Moderators or Wiki Staff should feel free to ping Moderators or Server Admins if they would like to request the Discord Team make an announcement.

I'm unsure if we should announce this.
Check! Ping! If you aren't sure if we should make an announcement you should always feel free to ping one or more Discord Team members or ask relevant Site Staff in Staffcord.

When to announce it?

Announcements should typically be made as soon as we have the necessary information, especially in the case of contests.

How to announce it?

Try to phrase the announcement in the tone that best first the subject matter.

If you're announcing a contest, Site News, a survey then keep it light, make a pun if you want to.

If you're announcing a community vote, a major site change, any kind of technical issue, then be serious about it.

No walls of text

Try to keep it short and snappy, a few sentences. Most of the time when announcing you'll provide a link to more information, so there's little need to reiterate it all.

Not sure you got it right?
Feel free to check with your fellow Discord Team members before putting the message in announcements, especially if you're new at it. Never any harm in double-checking.

What ping to use?
Check the "Assignable Utility Roles" section of channels-and-roles to see the description for each ping. Feel free to check with fellow Discord Staff which ping would be appropriate, or if none would, before making it.

It is important not to abuse these pings. The more often announcements are made and pings are used the less likely people are to pay attention to pay attention to announcements or pings within the server.

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